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It is recommended that every customer, who visits the site www.zeepharmacy.com, should go through the terms and conditions before availing any offers or services. By agreeing with the terms and conditions, the customers are paving way for an authorized and safe approach. The graphics, text, contents, logos, photographs are owned by us and is protected by patent laws and other IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). This measure is employed only to make the association with our customers a safe, secure and legally trusted one.

Here is a brief overview of the entire T&Cs agreement of use

Policies related to Shipping and Re-Shipping Feature

  • Every customer ordering from Zeepharmacy.com should be at least 18+ years old, otherwise he/she is not allowed to access the services provided by us.
  • All the drugs provided by us are within the rules laid down by the FDA.
  • We not the manufacturer of the drugs but a pure legal online wholesaler.
  • The use, distribution, publication, modification, transmission or licensing of any information of the website or selling of products is strictly prohibited.
  • It should be noted that the product information provided on the site is purely for informational purpose and thus, it is not a substitute for your doctor’s advice.
  • We are not responsible for any unwanted side effects produced by the drug and the customer is advised to follow the doctor’s consultation.
  • The customer should not sell the products purchased from the site to any other individuals or company.

Do check the site from time to time with regard to changes in its rules, as the administration posses the right to make any changes without prior information.